Canadian Experience Class

You probably can immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) if you are graduated visa student or a temporary foreign worker.


How can apply


You must meet these minimum requirements to apply for permanent residence under CEC. You must:


-plan to live outside the province of Québec

-be either:

--a temporary foreign worker with at least two years of full-time (or equivalent) skilled work experience in Canada, or

--a foreign graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution with at least one year of full-time (or equivalent) skilled work experience in Canada

-have gained your experience under NOC 0, A, or B in

-apply while working in Canada – or – within one year of leaving your

-you work experience

-prove your proficiency in your first official language only. You must take a language?test from an agency designated by CIC and include the results with your application.


Can Québec foreign students or workers apply for permanent residence under CEC


Yes, experience in Québec can be counted—but only if you plan to live outside that province. Since Québec selects its own immigrants, you have to file your application under Québec’s Immigration policy if you like to reside in Québec.


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